Bumba horrida (ex. cabocla)

This is a rarely offered tarantula that is fairly new to the hobby. It will stand out in your collection because of its strikingly orange carapace and shiny black abdomen and legs. This tarantula is fairly skittish as a youngster, but will stay out in the open as it gets bigger. It is known to have a gentle disposition and does not offer a threat pose or kick hairs easily. If you are looking to add something a bit rare, you’ll be very happy with this species.
New World. Terrestrial
Size: 4-5”
Growth Rate: Medium-fast
Natural Habitat: Amazonic Brazil
Housing Needs: Terrestrial setup with a hide or burrow available. Higher humidity is needed for this species. This can be obtained by having an area of its habitat damp.
Temperament: Generally docile
Weight N/A

2cm, Sling, 3cm, 1.5cm, 4cm